Sweet Atmosphere
Miaozhen Systems headquartered in Beijing, with the 5A office in Wangjing SOHO, the center of internet industry. The fresh air system could protect you from the haze and the simple and comfortable office design will help you enjoy co-working with genius and professionals from famous universities in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere;
First-class technical training
Miaozhen Systems cares employees’ learning and development and provide a variety of training courses and learning channels to help employees get career developing in Miaozhen. Miaozhen attracts many graduates from Peking University, Tsinghua University and other famous colleges and universities. It is a good training camp for data and technology professionals and many people got rapid growth here.
Rapid Growth
As an equal opportunity employer, Miaozhen believes talents is the core driving force to promote the development of enterprises. With the rapid development of big data marketing, Miaozhen Systems designed lots of diverse career opportunities for employee and match their career path and help them to get the recognition and rapid development which deserves their performance.
Colorful Life
Miaozhen is a dream team filled with trust, love and joys. Join in Miaozhen, you could find both trustworthy colleagues and like-minded playmates. Miaozhen Birthday Parties, Happy Hours, Innovation Contest, Basketball Team, Badminton Team, Football Team all are here waiting for you!
Competitive Welfare System
Colorful Leisure Activities
Reasonable Vacation Plans
Staff Documents Management

DATA IS WONDERFUL Comfortable Working Place

We believe you can use your specific experiences, skills and passions to win competitive rewards, challenging work and a rich life-style at Miaozhen Systems.

Most of our employees are graduates from highly respected universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, Nankai University and Beihang University.They have a rich experiences and professional skills in advertising, media research, Internet, technical development and marketing.This young team is full of energy, creativity and passion.